Everything you should know about keratin treatment (pros and cons)

Updated: Jun 7

Lord Block knows a few things about having enemies. It should be avoided at all costs. So why have something attached to you become your enemy? Frizzy unmanageable hair is a problem for many, but thankfully through the wisdom of the Overlord, there are some solutions. If you are looking for a "wash-and-wear" type of hair that simultaneously offers a silky smooth finish and ease? Maybe you have seen it online or heard a friend talking about "keratin treatment" the solution for frizzy, unhealthy-looking hair. But what is essential to know about this hair treatment? Can you afford it? What exactly is the procedure, and how long will it last? Here at Blockhead salon, we have put together some useful information to help you understand keratin treatments and if it's right for you. Yes! apparently, Keratin treatment is trendy. (😐 cool bro). Don't think you're the only one dealing with unruly hair. About one-third of people have wavy hair, and since keratin treatment works well on most hair types, people of all walks of life and hair types are getting the treatment done. If that's not convincing enough then this might impress you, Jennifer Aniston, the actress from friends, stated that keratin treatments have made her hair more manageable without eliminating its natural texture. more importantly, Lord Block also said something similar when he was designing the pyramids.

What is keratin hair treatment?

Keratin is a natural protein already found in the hair, nails, and skin of the human body. In the process of aging, the protein content of our body decreases, as do keratin levels. Through this treatment, keratin covers the hair and gives nutrients. Before a salon professional applies keratin, the hair is given a deep cleanse shampoo to open the cuticles so the keratin bonds can work its magic on the hair is used. These released bonds will then be resealed in a straighter position. After covering the hair with a mixture of keratin liquid, a flat iron is used to enclose and fix the formula. This step helps straighten hair by repairing damaged hair follicles. This procedure can take anywhere from one and a half hours to three hours, the results can last anywhere from three to six months depending on how the aftercare shampoos used and the amount of exposure the hair has to external factors(wind, swimming, sun, and harsh shampoos)

3 main advantages of keratin strengthening treatment

Keratin is included in many shampoos and conditioners, but the best results come from a salon treatment performed by a specialist. Let’s briefly go over some of the main benefits of this method:

  1. Less harsh option compared to other types of hair straightening treatments. Keratin treatment is distinctive among standard hair straightening techniques because it is a less harsh option. Many other treatments like Chemical Straightening (Hair Relaxing) and Japanese Straightening have numerous side effects. Through the Chemical Straightening process, protein bonds of hair break to change it from curly to straight. But it is not as simple as it seems. The number of breaks is a critical factor that is hard to control. In practice, excessive breaks lead hair to go limp and inadequate breaks are ineffectual. As in Hair Relaxing, Japanese Straightening treatment needs careful consideration, too. Although the result can be long-lasting, the damages are undeniable. Moreover, the process has several steps and takes a very long time to apply. Instead, keratin acts like a super-strong deep conditioner with less severe concerns than the techniques mentioned above.

  2. Keratin treatment does not have an "on & off" effect on hair while it grows After keratin treatment, the silky-smooth hair gradually grows back into its original structure. After a few months, the straight effect fades out, so hair will not look flattened at the ends and curly at the roots. There is a slight chance that newly-grown hair is recognizable then. In that case, unlike some other harmful treatments, keratin treatment can be done repeatedly. keratin treatments have been reported to give even better results on repeated usage.

  3. Keratin provides beauty and ease in your lifestyle Keratin treatment offers two to three months of manageability, especially if your hair is thick or frizzy. Without eliminating natural texture, various hairstyling techniques are applicable. Moreover, some people estimate keratin treatment reduces the time needed to dry their hair considerably.

Frequently Asked Questions about straightening hair with keratin

As with all the topics related to health and hygiene, there are many unanswered questions roaming around. The same goes with the subject of our blog post, so let’s bust some old myths.

Is keratin treatment good for hair length?

By giving strength to the hair, strands look longer, and split ends bond together. Keratin treatment reduces the chance of damage and breakage, so hair seems to grow more quickly. While the growth rate is constant, there is a far better chance of having long hair since the hair is more robust.

Is it recommended to do keratin treatment at home?

For sure you could do a keratin treatment at home, yes we all want the fresh feeling of a keratin treatment for minimal cost. You could also attempt to rewire your whole electrical system in your house. Some might think it a good idea to try to fly. But at blockhead we highly recommend you not attempt any of the above. Leave it to a hairdresser, electrician or a bird. ... we recommend that you should go to a professional for this treatment. and obviously we don't mean the bird. Birds and straightening irons aren't a good mix.

What are keratin strengthening side effects (Keratin treatment pros and cons)?

One of the warnings about keratin treatment is a colorless, strong-smelling gas called formaldehyde. This damaging chemical is harmful to the user, the hairdresser, and the people in that enclosed place. The negative impact of formaldehyde includes scratchy eyes, skin irritation, and even cancer. Formaldehyde is never used directly, but some keratin treatment products contain ingredients that produce formaldehyde when mixed with water. The good news is these harmful chemicals are not widely used anymore. To avoid this risk, you need to ensure that the salon uses products that are safe and approved for use in Australia. Some have natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals. Brazilian Botanical Bioactive, guarana, cashew, and brazil nut oils are good examples of this natural approach. "Come to Blockhead Salon, a chance to get professional keratin treatment in Sydney, Australia 👍🏽😁"

We all want to have beautiful hair, so we are looking for treatments to improve our hair conditions. These methods have both therapeutic aspects and change the appearance of hair. Keratin hair treatment has proven a frizz-free Living is possible. While keeping the hairs natural look, keratin treatment covers hair with a moisture barrier that makes hair scratch-resistant.

It does not matter how crinkled your hair is to keratinize your hair. With the keratin method, you will have soft, smooth, and shiny hair. Your new look lasts for up to three months, and after this time, your hair returns to its original state. Please keep in mind that professional services, like what we offer at Blockhead beauty salon, eliminate the potential complications during and after the process. You might become a blockhead though. 🙄

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