Eyebrows Threading; a gift from ancient times!

Ancient traditions have been passed down and still exist till today. Some of these traditions have been kept alive and by Lord Block himself. Now we are not claiming that the ancient art of threading was invented or passed down by him… and nor are we denying such things either. But Lord Block approves of the threading technique used to give a defined and precise eyebrow shape. 

Where does eyebrows threading come from?

Threading is an all-natural ancient hair removal method. Its origins are unknown but it is most commonly practiced in some Asian countries like Iran and India. It has even been practiced in Chinese culture for ages and some believe that threading goes back around 6000 years ago as an ancient tradition. Recently, threading has gained popularity in the West. It is called the cotton-twisting treatment in which a single piece of string made from cotton is doubled and then twisted into a figure of 8 to pluck the hair right out of its pore. The string is rolled over the hair and removes a short row of hair at the follicle level.

The main threading methods

Based on the way that the string is held, there are different methods of threading; like the hand, mouth, and neck methods. Among these, the mouth holding method has the most speed and accuracy. 

Wondering what areas can be threaded?

Not only it is used for removing unwanted hair around eyebrows, but also for the entire face, upper lip area, chin, and cheeks. This technique may not be recommended for removing hair on arms or legs, as the hair in those regions is typically coarse and the process will take longer. Waxing and the laser would be better options for these parts of the body.

Shaping is precise in the threading method.

Threading is a great method for shaping eyebrows since it provides precise control to create a better definition and is gentle on the thin skin around the eyebrows. Professional threaders can target individual or multiple hairs with extreme precision. Threading can be as precise as tweezing and at the same time have the advantage of waxing to remove lots of hair at the same time. Since the thread plucks rows of hair, it is perfect for creating the desired line on the edges of the eyebrow. Moreover, the thread does not block the view of the threader so he/ she has the perfect vision all the time contrary to other materials.

Eyebrow Threading 1

Brow threading is not as painful as they say?

There are no hair-removal techniques that are completely painless. Some would say since several hairs are removed each time the thread is rolled over, the pain is more tolerable when compared to tweezing which is plucking each unwanted hair individually. Although waxing is less painful, threading does not pull the skin like waxing does which can cause irritation.. If you are worried about it you can ask the threading artist to try it on the back of your hand. At the end of the day pain is subjective and relative? and as they say pain is beautiful… Someone surely said that one time.

Are you looking for a non-chemical and fast hair removal method?

All the remaining hair removal methods use some kind of chemical, but threading is done using only a soft cotton thread. Therefore, no artificial or harmful ingredients touch the skin that may cause damage or irritation. Almost everybody who has used wax on their face, even the natural types, is familiar with the pain of their skin being pulled and later dealing with redness and irritation.    

Tweezing feels like it's going on forever compared to threading which removes several hairs at once. And waxing needs preparing and applying the wax, letting it cool and then removing it, and sometimes there are some hairs that need a second pass through. The magic of threading is that even the hairs that may not be visible to the threading artist are removed as well and the whole process takes 5-15 minutes of your time. The chance of ingrown is massively reduced and the method works with all hair types.

Eyebrow Threading 2

How is eyebrow threading timing and price?

While tweezing is not able to grab the short hairs, threading clears all unwanted hairs, therefore all the hair around the eyebrow grows uniformly so you would not need a touch-up every week.

Once threaded, you do not need to repeat the procedure for almost two to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows back and the area of the face. Since threading removes the hair completely from the roots by doing it over each time the hair follicles start to weaken, and this leads to having less and finer hair in this area gradually.

If someone is dealing with acne or is using drugs that thin the skin, they would not want to go through waxing and have their skin pulled off or irritated during a session. If that is the case threading is the wise choice because it uses no chemicals or does not lead to any unwanted skin removal. 

We are here for you because it is needed!

Threading is an ancient method that may seem to be done easily and effortlessly but in reality, it takes a great deal of effort and time to master. It is not recommended to perform it yourself at home due to its complexity. Threading the area around the eyes needs special expertise and must be done by a professional. 

Now you know what is so great about this ancient technique called threading. All these reasons may have compelled you to give it a try for your next beauty routine here with us at Blockhead Salon. Our experienced artists are more than willing to take you back to an ancient time with a simple thread and give you the eyebrows of your dreams. Even if you decide not to join us we want you to know that you are loved even if you have bushy eyebrows, or are a werewolf.

Lord Block and The Hair Monster 1

Lord Block and The Hair Monster 2

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