The best modern Mullet haircuts in 2022

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Modern mullet haircut; the return of an edgy style

If you thought Lord Block was far too busy trying to take over the world to worry about fashion and style, then you’d be wrong. Block has been involved in many cultural movements, and yes the mullet is one of them. Although it is hated by many, the mullet is here to stay! The mullet is a hairstyle where the hair on the sides is cut short with longer hair on top and in the back. Often referred to as the "Business at the front, party in the back" haircut. The variations of the mullet hairstyle are endless and can be tailored to suit most textures, lengths and lifestyles.

What is the story behind the mullet haircut?

The story of the mullet haircut has been retold over the centuries. Some believe that Rod Stewart invented the mullet in the 70’s. The Beastie Boys, an American hip-hop group, used the phrase "Mullet Head'' for the name of one of their songs from the 'lll Communication' album in 1994. It is the mainstream thought that the mullet rose to popularity during the punk and glam period in the 80s. Here at Blockhead we have a PHD in mullets and with the help of Lord Block are able to verify that the mullet is way older than once previously thought. Benjamin Franklin Butler, an American major General of the union army, politician, lawyer and businessman rocked a phenomenal “skullet” in the 1870s. You might be thinking that’s not that old. And you’d be right, but we have evidence that points to the first recorded mullet being from the guards of King Darius the Great around 500 BCE.

How is the classic mullet hairstyle transforming into the modern mullet hairstyle?

In 2022 the great return of the mullet hairstyle is happening with a modern twist. The so-called modern mullet has kept the main characteristics of the classic mullet; a shortcut on the sides with a longer length on top. But the modern mullet has a more rounded shape and more hair is kept on top, and the famous classic long 'tail' at the back is not that extreme anymore.

The modern mullet cut is still structured while alternating shapes are available. Many modern mullet hairstyles keep the hair's natural texture as it is straight, wavy, or curly. In the modern mullet, the hair at the front is shorter, so it is possible to get it styled as you like. A small side fringe, messy on top, middle part are all possibilities and can change the whole look.

A classic mullet haircut usually keeps the hair length all over, whereas, in the modern alternatives, the hair is shorter on top or even faded on the sides. The modern mullet has no bounds and can be coloured, shaped and styled as one pleases. And this is the reason why so many are flocking to the style.

Mullet haircuts ideas

Short mullet is fashionable and formal.

The mullet was always representative of an alternative crowd, but with this current wave of mullets, we are seeing them in formal situations also. Having a mullet means you can break rules. And that also applies to mullet rules. Rather than an overly long back a slight elongation at the back is enough to constitute as a mullet. This style is more suitable for professionals without having to compromise on style. The short mullet is easy to style. It is trendy and creates a subtle look. An undercut on the sides and back or a simple fade between the long hair on the top can make the style even more refined.

Mullet fade; A fresh choice!

In all mullet hairstyles, the hair on the top front and especially on the sides are short, while the hair in the back is long. What makes mullet fade distinct from other mullet hairstyles is how sides are styled. Mullet fade is a modern version of classic mullet, in which the hair on the sides is not simply trimmed but faded.

Fading the sides acts as a unique touch because of the contrast created between the sides and the rest of the hair. The faded mullet looks fresher compared to old trends. The shorter the faded hair, the edgier the hair will look. Moreover, whatever styling you choose to do on top will be more noticeable or prominent.

The sunburst fade mullet is a cool and bold haircut in which the fading parts create a curve around the ears and drop down to the neckline. This mullet haircut is neatly trimmed with a trendy touch of fade. It is suitable for various hair textures, including curly or straight.

What are the differences between a skullet and a Mullet?

As you can realize from the word, skullet is a mixture of the words "mullet" and "skull." A mullet hairstyle combines long and short hair on different parts. All types of mullet haircuts, even modern ones, tend to have hair on the top of the head, while in a skullet haircut the top of the head is often clean-shaven or has a short style.

The skullet haircut is reserved for special human beings and cannot be worn by just anyone. A certain air of confidence is needed to pull off this haircut. This adventurous hairstyle has been prevalent among some Native American tribes. Now, only out-of-the-box individuals who wish to express themselves fearlessly give it a try. Lord Block highly approves of the skullet.

Are you doing Mullet at home?

You may wonder about doing a mullet at home. It looks easy to cut and maintain. But is it going to end up as you like? Most probably not. The only variation that generally comes out of the home cut mullet is the “dirty mullet”. I’m sure you can figure out how that looks. This is the reason Lord Block and Mulletman have had their ongoing feud. His home cut mullet is a crime to many and we would like to rid the world of it. We'd love your company at Blockhead to sculpt the perfect mullet for your head. Alternatively you can join mulletmans crew and eshay all about town.

mullet haircut comic story - blockhead salon

Come to Blockhead to wear the mullet right!

Some people believe the mullet is an out-of-date style, that is grotesque and only exists in the nether realm’s, but at blockhead we just don’t agree. Help us help you annoy and disgust the people that love you dearly, by letting us sculpt the perfect mullet for your head.

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