Our Story As A Hairdresser In Bondi Junction.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you have been to a hairdresser in Bondi Junction in the last 18 years you would have heard of Catwalk Hair or Catwalk Platinum. The family-owned hairdresser in Bondi Junction has been servicing the locals with colours, cuts, threading, and piercings for that time.

But unfortunately, all good things come to an end, during the lockdowns catwalk was put to rest. During these dark times, a light can be seen beaming, like a lighthouse, guiding them to a brighter future. What is this light? Is it a star? Is it simply a led light? Or is it the light from a head that has all their chakras lined up? If you think it’s the led light then you’d be right…but if you look next to it you’d see there is also a head with its chakras lined up. A head like no other, a Blockhead.

When you look at all the hairdresser in Bondi Junction, better yet around the country. You see an array of different salon personalities. Some high-end, some snooty, urban styling, vintage styling, and some are all about the factory line. At Blockhead we are a different breed. We take pride in our work but don't take ourselves too seriously. We want to create a fun space for our hairdressers to be creative and our clients to be themselves.

If your looking for a hairdresser in Bondi Junction where you can be yourself then Blockhead salon is for you. We are a hairdresser in Bondi Junction that offers services such as barbering, haircutting, coloring (balayage, foils, and all-over colors), threading, and ear piercing. Also, look out for Blockhead branded t-shirts, hats, and hoodies coming soon.

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